7 principles to create your Social Media Page the right way for profits.

Your marketing videos must include a few things in order to make them successful.

having a great quality video will not actually help you but it can even hurt you if you high quality video doesn't have direction or purpose or targeted at the right audience for starters

If you happen to have or make plans to generate online income...
You are in luck because these are the "Secret 7"
fundamental principles and are strongly recommended to be included in all your videos if you have plans to generate online income.
Be creative or find someone that is.
You must make video 59 seconds or less
Quality music and audio consistent levels.
Make sure you include the "Magical 7".
1. What is the problem...
2. Explain why you're the solution 
3. Time to Introduce credentioals of who you are
4. include 5 short video testimonialsof happy clients
5. Offer a call to action, limited offer...
6. Include 2-3 bonuses worth $$$ (relating to sale)
7. Learn more at... (used to get clent email, number